What We Can Do For You!

We offer a variety of services that are meant to help your business in the marketing space.

Web Design

We make websites that enable you to showcase who you are and what you can do for others.

Social Media

We take you where your clients are located through social media content creation that is meant to inform and engage


Our SEO tactics are not your typical strategies. We use the power of social media to boost your ranking.

Graphic Design

Make your business stand out above the competition with our state of the art graphic design.

Web Design

High-Quality WordPress Site

Fast and optimized wordpress websites that will be custom built depending on the needs of your business.

Fast Delivery

Once we have all of your information put together, we will have a website ready for you within 2 weeks!

Built with Marketing in Mind

We keep the user journey in our mind when building your site. This will help with getting more revenue for your business over the lifetime of your website!


We make sure that your website complies with the GDPR. Additionally, depending on the nature of your business, we ensure it complies with any regulations of your industry by submitting for review to the necessary authorities before going live on your website.

Malware- Protected

Your site will be extensively checked for malware on a regular basis, in addition to providing protective measures to prevent infection.

Built with SEO in Mind

While we do not claim your site will be optimized to the fullest extent of On-Site SEO. We do take analytical measures to ensure Google understands exactly what your business does. In addition to targeting ideal keywords for your business.

Looking For Some Inspiration!? Check out some of our past websites! There are some templates added in as well for outside inspiration in case you have something special in mind! 

Half The Fun is starting to piece together how you want your website to look after all! 

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We are happy to take on anything Graphic Design related. Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Brand Colors, Merchandise, and more are available to you depending on how you want to position your business! 

Morpheus Interactive is proudly located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We have a 1300sqf office in the Northern Industrial area. We are a rapidly growing team of designers, marketers, and content creators. Our office is open to our clients 24/6.

From the point of payment, we are able to start the discovery process and compose a rough outline of how your website will look. This can vary depending on your availability. Typically this takes no longer than 1 week. Then, we start the design process. We will have a completed website ready for you within 2 weeks. However, adjustments are common, and can take longer depending on the number of adjustments required to find the perfect fit. 

Yes and No. Every website we create comes with optimized underlying technology, initial content optimization via popular SEO plugins and simple information architecture. Further SEO development may be needed. And as always, the content that you provide weighs heavily on the ranking of your site. 

Yes. We will provide you with one domain name. And your first year of hosting is included in the costs of your website. However, after the first year we will either provide you with the resources to host the site yourself. OR, we can arrange a monthly fee to host your site. 

Our average site is around $2500. However, this number fluctuates depending on the individual needs of each client. And YES! You can pay with a credit card using our online payment system. 

Social Media Content Creation

Bluntly put, we know that regular social media posting and activity has become an industry standard to keep competitive. However, we all have enough on our plate with getting a business to maturity. With Sales, Client Management, Operations, Administration, HR, and many other hats in business. How can we reasonably expect to add Social Media to the mix? 

This is where we identify ourselves as the best answer to that problem. We get your Social Proof, Credibility, Brand, and message out on your platform right away! So you can maximize the growth of your businesses relationships one day at a time. 

How we provide Content Creation as a Service

Designated Content Creator

You will have regular meeting with a designated content creator for your social media channels

Graphic Design

Our content creators use graphic design tools to ensure your content looks professional, and informative.

Video Editing

Do you have seminars, Zoom calls, interviews, or plans for any video content in the future? Your content creator is trained in video editing to produce long & short videos for your channels.

Multiple Social Channels

We post to channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, GoogleMyBusiness, Pinterest, YouTube, and WordPress Blogs.

Packages to fit your needs

Do you need daily posting? What about 3 times a week? Or 3 times a day? Each client has different needs depending on industry. And we have you covered.

Ultimate SEO Pairing

Google wants to see social media activity and connectivity. The issue is few SEO agencies provide a comprehensive solution to social media. When paired with our SEO packages. You get instant savings! Make sure to ask us for clarification.

Social Listening

Your Content Creator thoroughly reviews your industry, competitors, and clients ways of communicating and thinking online. This method starts with Keyword research, competition analysis, and manual social monitoring.


At the end of the day, the owner is the brand of any starting company. As such, your content creator seeks to keep you accountable to procuring topics and ideas for your business. This is a journey done WITH you. This provides the highest quality results inside your business, and yourself.


Many businesses venture to hire full time content creators in their business. When truly, it is not necessary for most to do. Our team is streamlined, efficient, and off site to keep your margins high.


Break Down of Services

Hassle-Free Setup

We have a short list of requests to get set up! After that, you can set it. And review it as you would like!

Assigned Project Manager

Email us, Call us, Have Coffee with us! You will have a dedicated account representative to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Regular SEO Reporting

An in depth report that breaks down your keywords performance and ranking on Google will be provided!

Intensive Website Content Optimization

As more content is generated, more adjustments and updates are required to maximize your site's performance.

Blog Writing

Increasing your credibility in the industry with powerful Blog content is a must in Google's ecosystem!

Site Flow Monitoring and Strategizing

Where do people review your website? How Long? What pages do they review? Why do they leave? We ask these questions everytime we review your site to optimize your ROI.

Ethical Organic Link Building

We will only provide you with credible high quality backlinks to your website to build your websites presence and authority in your space.

On-Page Technical Optimizations

It is important to first build your website for the people who are looking at it. THEN to build it to be easy to understand to GOOGLE.

Keyword Rank Analytics

Keyword analysis in your industry is crucial to your sites success. We will use a blend of Long-tail & short-tail keywords that are handpicked for your website.

Review Management

Arguably one of the most important components of an online presence and in person business is your reviews.

Google Analytics and Search Console Integration

This is our way of saying that Google will understand exactly what you do. And who you do it for.

Listings Management

Your business should be on other sites. When you shop for a hotel, do you find your hotel by going to them direct? Or by going to a site that educates you on the options in the area. Odds are good, your business can be presented in a similar way online.

Graphic Design

At Morpheus Interactive, we are adept at creating custom graphic design that can fit into your business needs. Whether you talk about product designs or custom branded logos, we are here to take care of it all for you.

Make your business standout

In today’s competitive world, it is imperative that your business presence stands out in the crowd. And the best way to do that is by creating something which people can recognize in the horde of competition. This is where graphic design services come into the picture.

With our state of the art graphic design services, you can get

  • Corporate Branding Logos Stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, mailing labels)
  • Brochures
  • Custom Business Cards
  • Packaging
  • Postcards / Mailers Invitations / Cards Collateral Material (direct mail packages, press/media kits, product/service catalogs, trade show materials & displays)
  • Newsletters / Flyers
  • Menus
  • Calendars
  • Presentation Folders
  • Vehicle Decals / Stickers
  • Posters, Banners & Signs
  • Advertisements
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Web Banners
  • Social Media Designs
  • Manuals / Book Printing

Why Morpheus Interactive for design services?

If you are wondering why choose us, then we have plenty of reasons to answer that question.

1. Expert team of graphic designers

To make sure that you get the best products, we have gathered a team of highly experienced graphic designers, who are well versed with the latest trends and technology in the field. With the experience and expertise they will leave no stone unturned to create a custom graphic design for your business needs that you are certainly going to love!

2. Affordable Prices

We offer graphic design services that are affordable for all types of business. Whether you are running a large scale company or just a startup, you can expect to get affordable graphic design services here with Morpheus Interactive.

3. Customized printing services to give your brand a face

Most important of all, we make it a point to understand your business first and then come up with a bespoke design that goes well with your business’ vision. Our graphic design services focus on creating a face for your business that people can connect to when they are searching for something in the market! At Morpheus Interactive our ultimate goal is to help your business grow. We have helped multiple businesses in the past with our graphic design services. If you also want to be part of that list, and want to make your business stand out of the crowd, then give us a call now!

Our Happy Clients!

Morpheus media is currently working on a website for my company. During our first sit down, I was impressed with how much information logan gathered about me and my company. I could tell he cared about making this website unique and that the website would be a successful marketing tool. Thanks for the help and guidance!!


Michael Bondarenko

I contracted Logan and his team at Morpheus Interactive to help launch my public speaking company, Between the Words. Logan’s creativity and his ability to think strategically on my behalf was guiding, and put me on the map! Morpheus Interactive is like plugging into the Matrix!


Gary Brennan

I have the privilege of being the first client of Morpheus Interactive. Logan and Diacre continue to work with me to strengthen my social media presence on Instagram, Linked-In and Facebook. They re-worked my website, developed a sales funnel, created an online assessment, and taught me how to do sales calls. Diacre and Logan are committed to their clients. They will not stop until they know that their clients’ goals are met. I recommend them to anyone who is wanting to grow their business.


Roland Legge

“Diacre was very laid back and easy to work with in our time together. He breaks down business and marketing terms and explains the unknown concepts and names plainly, a great thing for new business owners like me who find learning marketing terms like learning a new language! It’s clear he truly wants to see your business endeavours succeed and gives practical, customizable ti your needs and insightful advice that my marketing google searches could not have provided me! Highly recommend working with him as he has integrity, knowledge and passion for building online businesses.”


Nyla Ditson

THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to amp up their website, monetize their communications, and social media management and optimization. They really took the time to understand what my business is and I got multiple leads from them. I’m so pleased with the results!


Unbound Market

I have attended a number of workshops offered by Morpheus Interactive. I leave the workshops with new knowledge and contacts. Worth the time and money.


Malvina Rapko

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– Free phone consultation
– Transparent pricing

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