Trust is BROKEN

Trust is broken. This trust right here that you see written? Broken. What do I mean by that? Marketing Agencies, you’re on LinkedIn, right here, right now. How many people have reached out to you just on LinkedIn alone, and they’re telling you all sorts of wild dreamer type things that, let’s be honest. Do we really trust that what they’re saying can actually work for them? Or are they just some random bunch of kids who got together and they took a course about marketing and some guy that they took the course from magically made it work, and now they think they can do it too! But they need your money to do it instead of them just using their money to do it. I don’t trust that. I want to talk about how we as consumers, we educate ourselves and we train ourselves to be skeptical and the reasons why is because with marketing at the end of the day… There’s more bad apples than they are good. What’s like one of the most original forms of marketing out there? There’s word-of-mouth, and that’s been around since the beginning of time. But what about newspapers? There was a time

when all people had access to was newspapers, and when newspapers first became available to the public was exciting! As people felt connected to the communities and to the world. And businesses saw their opportunity. “Well these newspapers are so credible that if we put our information in with this credible information people will take us more seriously and they might want to do business with us!” They’re using the credibility and the trust of the newspaper to prop themselves up, so that they’re trusted by you the consumer. Now over time, the marketing companies broke the trust within newspapers, then time goes on and one of the most annoying things that got invented was the telephone. Telemarketers people calling you every single day! I get a phone call on my phone at least twice, sometimes three times a week from people saying… I won’t name drop increase this you I get a cease and desist threat from some of these large companies but. Hotels, airports, and so on saying you win a free trip somewhere all you have to do is do such-and-such. I don’t trust that, nothing’s free, nothing ever will be free. And that’s my problem with this, but  the first people who came out with it, that was really trustworthy because the phone…. Why did we trust the phone? You were connected to your community, and you trusted your community every time you picked up that phone. It was likely somebody that you may care about, but now marketing agencies have broken that trust. Now time goes on, I think I skipped radios. it’s the same thing however, a great source of information! It’s the upgrade from newspapers. Time goes on, credibility was built, it was destroyed by marketing agencies. We keep going, we have email and we have advertisements online. We have Facebook and we have insta and so on. LinkedIn and all of these represented a credible source at one point in time.

Instagram was just hanging out with friends you can actor somebody and you can see what’s going on in their life Facebook. It’s just a nice connection request, and all of these platforms, some on more levels than others. That Trust is being repeatedly broken, because there are people who are figuring out how to identify, where we, the consumer, are getting this trust. Where our place is where we find comfort. Which is why we go to these places because we feel comfort in these places. These marketing agencies figure out ways that they can scale the communication to break that trust. Now, if you’re experiencing this problem as a consumer imagine the struggle for a marketer! See lots of marketers out there, they don’t think about the trust that gets broken. All they think about is how they can reach out to people, and play the numbers game. We’re just numbers to marketers. If I spend $100, and I can put it in front of 10,000 people, and one person spends $1,000. Well I just made a $900 profit! I just had to rip through a thousand or 10,000 people’s trust in the process to get that one. And that’s the problem with the industry today. So I want you to ask yourselves… What are ways, if you’re a business owner, which if you’re on my LinkedIn I made a point of connecting the people that are only in the coaching or the financial industry. So odds are you the business owner are responsible for finding your own leads. How can you reach out to people that builds trust? And that’s a real question. I’ve found several answers along the way and in future videos I’ll explain some of the steps that I’ve gone through. Some of them were wrong by the way, some of them I broke trust and some of you looking at this video today are probably thinking you broke trust with me! And for that all I can say is I’m sorry. But my mission is to find the right ways to keep trust. And my mission is to demonstrate that there are companies out there who have real value that is not out to ruin trust, but rather to provide a real service to people who actually may be able to use it. Anyways, I hope you found this video interesting. And ask yourself this question. “What can I do to reach out to my ideal clientele that can establish and keep the respect and trust of other people I want to do

business with?” Take care