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If you are looking for a place to get FREE guidance and support on how to manage your Social Media. Look no further than the DEPO Group!

Ultimate Social Matrix

Looking to have your Social Media professionally managed by the experts? Review our approach to an ever growing problem for business owners across the globe.

The Social Matrix

Save time and money with our software that integrates with nearly every social media platform!! Post and manage all your social media in one place with “The Matrix”!

Custom Social Matrix

You know Social Media is important. However, you likely need more than that. Our team of seasoned professionals will craft a digital marketing strategy specifically for your businesses needs.

The DEPO Group

Digital Ecosystem for Practical Owners

At the D.E.P.O. (Digital Ecosystem for Practical Owners) Private Facebook Group, you will join a community of like minded business owners and content creators who are looking for useful and current information on how to make content on social media for your business.

Inside D.E.P.O, we provide content like, but not limited to the following:


  • Social Media Content Marketing Strategy
  • Time Saving Softwares and techniques
  • How to gather essential information from your business for your community
  • In depth reviews of Social Media platforms and updates on their changes
  • Discovering Social Listening
  • Data & Trend researching techniques for your industry
  • How to build a campaign
  • Reviewing in-depth case studies by industry
  • Graphic Design simplified
  • Delegation Strategies
  • And MUCH MORE!

To Join this community, all you need to do is click the link below. You will be taken to a Messenger tool that will redirect you to the Facebook Group. This is to give us a better touch point to provide you with notifications such as our next Facebook Live or our next webinar covering topics such as the ones above.

Social Matrix

“The Matrix” is our answer to buying back precious time from our daily lives.

With all the social media platforms that we are expected to be present on, it’s no wonder many owners today do not take the time to be active online.

Simply put, we just don’t have the time to invest in keeping up to date with all the changes of the online world, or the time in the day to regularly post content!

With “The Matrix” you are able to do the following effectively… 

  • Integrate all of your Social Media Platforms into one place. This includes: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, Youtube, Tumbler, and WordPress. 
  • Schedule all of your social media at specific times and dates for up to months in advance.
  • Content Research tools and Notifications to ensure you are always up to date with your industry trends. 
  • Respond to your community across all social media in one hub

While we believe this software is a game changer for many businesses today. We have one final piece of value that we know will be invaluable to your organization. 

You will have access to weekly intimate group meetings (No more than 10 people per meeting) to ask questions and seek guidance on changes and trends for your business. Our staff will take the time before every meeting to research your business before your attendance to ensure we are able to provide valuable feedback and recommendations. This is both an accountability tool and a valuable access point to experts in the industry who will give you the best advice available in your industry. 

Please Click Below if you are interested in Subscribing to The Matrix!


What can the ultimate social matrix can do for you?

Imagine your primary social media accounts having a unique piece of content posted on it every day.

What if you had a qualified, dedicated, and creative individual working on your accounts?

What could that do for your organization?

With the Ultimate Social Matrix you will receive the following:


  • Daily content posting on your social media
  • Weekly meetings with your Brand Manager to review strategy and plans for the following week
  • Access to our Matrix Subscription for Approval of your content before it gets posted
  • Simplicity in your business. The headaches of worrying what to post, when to post it, and whether it is relevant will all be removed from your day to day works. 

We know what it is like to have to worry about running your business. The other reality is, many of us are simply not creative types who actually enjoy making content for our social media. As this is a common stopping point for many, we have made this a low cost solution to a big problem for many!

Lastly, there is one final perk to this offering. The digital world has apparently endless opportunities within it. The issue however, is finding credible and capable people to help extract the opportunity online. If you feel that your business is in need of services such as the following: 

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Messenger Bot Services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


Your brand manager will happily arrange a meeting with our senior marketing team to consult on opportunities in your particular area. The value behind this offering is significant, as our team will be able to generate in-depth and valuable strategies and reports. This enables us to become a single roof comprehensive solution for your businesses digital needs.


Sometimes you are in a situation where you need to get somewhere with the right people to help you get to the right place at the right time. 


For many who are starting their new business, launching their next offering, or aggressively positioning themselves as experts in their industry; they can often find themselves looking for a start to finish game plan that they can follow to get them to their desired destination.

When it comes to choosing who you want to work with on a journey such as yours. It comes down to three variables: 

  • Are the people I am talking to qualified and capable?
  • Will we work well together?
  • Do we trust each other? 

There is nothing that we can say to give you that peace of mind here on a webpage. We assume that you have been doing your own research. Likely, you are reviewing us as an option for your next step in business.

Lets remove any doubts by doing one thing together. 

Book a Time with us below to talk with our Senior Marketing team. Let’s discover together over a Discovery call whether we will be a good fit to work together.