Digital Services

Social Media Marketing

We are hearing from many experts today that there is money to be made in Social Media. 


Well, there is good news. There is! The bad new is it takes a lot of focus and energy to create a community that engages effectively and enthusiastically with your company. 


Our offering entails two facets. 


First, we can arrange for Social Media Management for your business. This is not a complete replacement of your company’s Social Media obligations. However, it will result in an effective history and beginning of a growing community. A simple way to think of this transaction, is Social Media is becoming the SEO of websites for organizations. Except in this space, you are able to see the names and faces of those who follow your organization. 


Second, we have created another company called E-Launch Academy. We regularly host 2 workshops a week teaching and discussing useful digital topics such as how to build an effective website, how to create compelling content, how to take quality pictures, etc. These workshops currently sell for $20 per attendee per workshop. If you are working with us and you are on our monthly Social Media Management plan. Your organization will have complete digital access to all our future workshops both recorded and live. 


If this offering is of interest, please reach out! We believe in both offering value, and teaching the materials to those who wish to understand the methodologies.

What Is Ad Marketing?

Sometimes the fastest way to get new business, is to pay for it. There are many ways to utilize advertising. For the sake of simplicity, we will list the categories that we are proficient in. If you do not see that category below. Please enquire, as we may know someone who may be able to help with your particular approach. 


Facebook Strategy: 

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Sales (Split Testing as Primary Method) 
  • Community targeting
  • Restaurant Birthday Attendance Strategy
  • Pixel Targeting
  • Re-targeting


Google Strategy: 

  • Geographic Advertising for Service Providers
  • Keyword Analysis and research
  • Geo-Targeting Techniques
  • YouTube advertising


Advertising is a large topic. If you would like to arrange a free 1 to 1 meeting to discuss potential fit. Please enquire below.

Product Website

Do you have a rockstar product that you want the world to see? And ideally…BUY? 


A common mistake that many people make when designing a product website, is they try and put in as much information as possible to help sell the product. While in reality, less IS more. If that was all you needed to hear. We wish you all the best with your journey. However, if you wish to have experts that make their living off of Product Websites assist you in your journey. Please reach out!

Landing Pages

What is the first place somebody will go to after they click your link? What message are you trying to convey? Ultimately, what action do you want them to take? Sometimes the simplest looking landing pages have the most thought behind them. The proof is in the conversions. 


Please enquire for a proposal on your request. Price is dependent on the integrated ability with other platforms. For example, you may want this landing page to be a part of your website, or you may want it to be the first step of a complicated funnel with automatic CRM’s. 


Please reach out if you have any questions for these deliverables.

Service Websites

“If only the customer knew exactly how I could help them.” 


Many service providers have this dilemma when designing a website. They wish their clients could understand just how much value we can provide them based off of our website. Yet in many cases, they fail to create a compelling website that is simple yet effective at communicating their offering. This is commonly why some service providers rely so heavily on word of mouth. 


If you want to design a system that can bring in clients organically with minimal costs in advertising. We confidently believe we can assist in your journey. 


One disclaimer: There are many spaces for Services. A tradespersons website will not look the same as a coaches. The way they communicate their offering will be different. Our extensive background in website design and consulting of service providers enables us to assist your organization in an exceptional manner.

Custom Marketing

Sometimes your business is simply more complicated than creating a website and putting money into the system hoping for the best. 

If you are looking for a custom proposal. Where we utilize methodology such as Email Marketing, Funnels, Advanced Tracking Tools, and much more! Let’s get something in order. 

This method is not intended to be consulting. Rather, this is a process where we charge for the creation of the strategy. After the strategy is crafted, there will be a negotiated pricing structure for the implementation of these techniques. Please enquire for examples.