Social Median and Gen Z

“Smartphones steal the show for Gen Z and Millennial consumers when it comes to media time, surpassing all other devices. Premium content is driving the surge in mobile video—daily engagement has grown 40% in 2020, and %50 of consumers enjoy premium content on their smartphone every day. Gen Z and Millennial’s are also spending more […]


All the RSLTS in your life are created by your subconscious habits – your internal operating system. Bob Proctor calls them paradigms, Tony Robbins calls them limiting beliefs. Every truly successful mentor I’ve ever had has understood this! You see; even If you had the newest iPhone, if you are running on an old operating […]

Trust is BROKEN

Trust is broken. This trust right here that you see written? Broken. What do I mean by that? Marketing Agencies, you’re on LinkedIn, right here, right now. How many people have reached out to you just on LinkedIn alone, and they’re telling you all sorts of wild dreamer type things that, let’s be honest. Do […]